STORM Racing Drone (SRD101 / Storm Spec)

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Featherlight indoor FPV trainer with BetaFlight - Fly it with professional RC transmitter! - Storm SRD101People love to fly big FPV drones, but it just takes time and large space to have fun,...


Featherlight indoor FPV trainer with BetaFlight - Fly it with professional RC transmitter! - Storm SRD101
People love to fly big FPV drones, but it just takes time and large space to have fun, so why not an indoor trainer so you can always fly in your house or work place? The Storm SRD101 is serious FPV drone specially designed for indoor flying with the same core like it's big brother, it has a all-in-one FC with BetaFlight, you can bind it with your own RadioLink or FrSky transmitter and it has a true 5.8Ghz 25mw VTX (w/ Raceband) + 600TVL 120° CMOS camera which you can use with your favorite 5.8Ghz FPV Goggle. Super lightweight 33.8 g (w/o battery) makes it safe to operate and does not require UAS registration to fly, it's a causal indoor FPV drone for everyone and very easy to fly!

Storm SRD101 Features
  • Specially designed for indoor practicing - great for big drone owners
  • Palm size and feather light weight - 33.8 g only (w/o battery)
  • Small drone gives less stress to fly, and less damage too!
  • Have fun anywhere - fly it in your house or workplace
  • Bind it with RadioLink or FrSky transmitter
  • True 5.8Ghz 25mw VTX w/ Raceband + 600TVL 120° camera, you can use your favorite FPV goggle with it
  • Installed with BetaFlight, preloaded with 3 expert tuned flight modes (exclusive on
  • Runs on 1S Li-Po battery, easy to charge and user friendly
  • Full 3K 1mm Carbon Fiber airframe
  • Simple modular design, super easy for maintenance

Video by Jerry1212

Video by CrazyPID

Video by TheMighty Thor

It's a serious FPV drone! You can fly it with your big RC transmitter (e.g. RadioLink or FrSky)

It's a lightweight 100 class FPV drone, safe and easy to operate, and does not require UAS registration to fly

Feather light Camera + VTX two-in-one (5 g only!) for Indoor and Park Flying
The FX798 Camera and 5.8Ghz VTX module has Raceband output, which allows you to fly with your friends without jamming the video signal.

All-in-one F3 Flight Controller with BetaFlight
Unlike other toy grade quads, the SRD101 runs on real F3 Flight Controller with BetaFlight which you've seen on big FPV drones.

The Storm SRD101 includes our exclusive optimized BetaFlight Parameters!
Pre-loaded with three flight modes and three speeds.

The Angle Mode is auto-leveled making is a no-stress flying experience for the complete beginner or for flight training.

In Horizon Mode the drone is no longer limited by angle, allowing you to do flip and roll, auto-leveling directly after performing the trick.

In Rate Mode, the drone will fly like an airplane with no auto-leveling or angle limitation, making it great for flying around in large spaces.

These flight modes are completely unique to the SRD101 – there is nothing else like it on the market.

Lightweight Storm BM720 coreless motor with well balanced 55mm propellers

Runs on user friendly 1S Li-Po, charge it thru USB charger

Storm SRD101 Specifications :
  • Weight : 33.8 g (no battery)
  • All-up-weight : 43.5 g (w/ 3.7V 380mah battery)
  • Dimension : 98mm (L) x 77mm (W) x 39mm (H) (not including antennas)
  • Flight Controller : All-in-one FC (running BetaFlight software w/ Storm tuned parameters)
  • Motor : 7mm coreless
  • Propeller : 55mm propellers
  • FPV system : 5.8Ghz 25mw VTX (w/ Raceband) + 600TVL 120° CMOS camera
  • Battery : 1S 350mah to 600mah LiPo battery (* sold separately)
  • RC transmitter : optional
  • RC receiver : optional

This package includes :

1. Fully Assembled Storm SRD101
2. 6pcs Clockwise Propeller (4 of them are spare)
3. 6pcs Counter-Clockwise Propeller (4 of them are spare)
4. 5 X Rubberband for securing battery
5. Battery mat
6. 1.5mm Hex Wrench
7. Propeller remover
8. USB 1S LiPo Charger
9. FREE Spare Storm BM720 motors (1 X CW + 1 X CCW)

* RC Transmitter sold separately
* Battery sold separately

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