Storm Racing Drone SRD199 "Loki-X5" Frame Set (5" / 6mm)

生產商: Storm
Brought to you by popluar demand, the 6mm version of the high-end FPV racer - Storm SRD199 "Loki-X5" Everything geometry remains the same with the 4mm racing spec version, this...


Brought to you by popluar demand, the 6mm version of the high-end FPV racer - Storm SRD199 "Loki-X5"
Everything geometry remains the same with the 4mm racing spec version, this 6mm airframe includes a 6mm main plate and 2.5mm top plate, weights 86.5 g.

Designed from ground up, every detail on the Storm SRD199 "Loki-X5" airframe is made for the highest level FPV racing game, well placed weight distribution, works with 2204~2306 size brushless motors and 5" propellers and have a motor to motor length of 199mm only; super strong 6mm carbon fiber unibody main frame with super narrow arms of 12mm which have excellent drag co-efficiency, greatly increase handling and acceleration.

Designed by players, for players, the well-thought layout is compatible with the latest generation FPV racing equipments on the market, building the Storm "Loki-X" would be an enjoyable task.

The airframe comes with all Aluminum hardware, 30mm long spacers with anodized black and textured grip surface treatment, and exclusively, included with 7075 Aluminum screws with anodized crimson red treatment, how's that for a high-end FPV airframe?

Size Versions :
The Storm "Loki-X" airframes support either 3", 4", or 5" propellers. The corresponding frame sizes are listed below, measured diagonally from motor shaft to motor shaft.
  • 3" Prop Arm = 130mm SRD130 "Loki-X3"
  • 4" Prop Arm = 163mm SRD163 "Loki-X4"
  • 5" Prop Arm = 199mm SRD199 "Loki-X5"

Features :
  • Full 3K Carbon Fiber "Unibody" airframe featuring a solid 6mm main plate and 2.5mm top plate
  • Super strong main plate and top plate, weighs only 86.5 g
  • Minimum surface area, 50% less drag than competition
  • Motor to motor 199mm, very compact size for 5" Propellers
  • Excellent handling, extremely agile, fast roll and stable pitch
  • Super narrow arms of 12mm for best drag co-efficiency
  • 7075 Aluminum screws included, 50% lighter than steel and iron screws
  • Suitable for 2204 ~ 2306 motors
  • Multiple motor mounting holes to fit a variety of motors (M3 and M2 screw mounting patterns).
  • Easy grip anodized spacers
  • "Bumpers" on the end of the arms to protect the motor during a crash, like all SRD series.
  • Dedicated cutouts for SMA connector and video transmitter
  • Compatible with HS1177 FPV cameras (26mm cams) such as RunCam Swift FPV CCD Camera
  • Able to carry HD camera (such as the GoPro 4, RunCam Action Cam, or GoPro Session) with optional camera vibration mount (not included)
  • Easy Lipo Access (suggested Lipo is a 1300mah 4s)
* Video by Gondi Race

* Sr Tony FPV

* Video by Matt D

* Video by Crazy PIDs

* Florin Cozma

* Video by Welho

50% less surface area compare with competition
Less surface area means less drag, leads to better acceleration and handling.

Lightweight is king!

7075 Aluminum screws included
No compromise for ultimate performance.

Compatible with most popular FPV racing equipment on the market (* photo showing SRD199 4mm version)
The Storm "Loki-X" airframe is designed by professional FPV racers according to their own preference, it supports the most common equipment on the market such as 30.5mm flight controller, HS1177 cameras, 20mm VTX, 12mm x 27mm ESC, 16mm x 19mm M2 and M3 holes for motors, dedicated antenna mounts... you'll appreciate the frame design when you get your hands on it.

Battery can be mount on top or underneath to get different C.G.

The Storm Loki-X3, X4 and X5 airframes, aim for the most high-end FPV racing

This package includes :
1. 1 X SRD199 "Loki-X5" carbon fiber airframe set (6mm thick, w/ nylon hardware)
2. 20 X 7075 Aluminum Button-head screw M3 X 8mm
3. 4 X 7075 Aluminum Button-head screw M3 X 10mm
4. 4 X 7075 Aluminum Flat-head screw M3 X 12mm
5. 4 X Aluminum spacers 30mm
6. Storm lipo strap
7. Battery mat
8. Storm neoprene landing pads

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