Furious RACEWHOOP Micro Brushless Flight Controller

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RACEWHOOP - Catch me If You Can. With never ceasing innovation, Furious FPV unveils the latest FC destined for greatness and built for unyielding speed. From size, weight, capabilities &...


RACEWHOOP - Catch me If You Can.

With never ceasing innovation, Furious FPV unveils the latest FC destined for greatness and built for unyielding speed. From size, weight, capabilities & design, nothing has been left untouched, offering up flexible power & performance in a stackable design that changes the game before it even begins.

Weighing in at a scant 1.7g of weight, the RACEWHOOP takes no prisoners with its feature packed brilliance that screams speed and performance. Designed to be pushed low and fast, the RACEWHOOP is the very 1st stackable brushless FC on the market today, opening up all new possibilities in the micro FPV world.

Flexible in power, the RACEWHOOP is ready for 1S 3.7V power input or 2S 7.4V power for the maximum levels of race winning insanity. Designed for the latest in ESC functionality, the RACEWHOOP provides ultimate flexibility with OneShot, MultiShot and DShot ESC protocol, leaving all the options open when it comes to your quad of choice.

Ultra compact for the tightest areas possible, the RACEWHOOP has a need for speed, providing the most discerning pilot with the performance and capability necessary to build a race winning machine. Simplicity defined, the RACEWHOOP offers an all inclusive system that saves hassle & time with an ultra clean build.

For the ultimate in race winning perfection, the RACEWHOOP alters the world of FPV, bringing forth new realms of feature packed possibility that is ready to push the ragged edge of your next flight.

  • 16mm x 16mm holes, even smaller than the 20mm FC standard
  • Smallest & Lightest Stackable Brushless FC
  • Micro Flight Controller with F3 Chip / MPU 6000
  • Smallest Brushless FC with a 20x20mm Layout and 16x16mm Hole Setup
  • Atomic Light at 1.7g
  • 1S 3.7V / 2S 7.4V Power Input Flexibility
  • OneShot, MultiShot & DShot 100/300 ESC Protocol
  • Built In 15A PDB
  • Built In Current Sensor
  • Heavy Duty 1.5A BEC with 5V Output
  • Buzzer Port
  • Gold Plated Pads for the Best Signal / Power Conductivity
  • Firmware Perfection via CleanFlight & BetaFlight
  • Telemetry Support
  • Full USB Support
  • Ultra Easy Installation
  • Issue Free BLHeli ESC Pass Through
  • Serial based Receiver / Receiver Mode

Brushless Power - Where the Power's At.
Not content with the standard brushed options so common place in micro FPV, Furious steps it up with brushless power support that puts the horsepower to the props. Simply put, it's the power you deserve.

Massively Small, Ultra Light - Just the Way it Should Be.
Real estate is at a premium with micro FPV racers, and weight is just plain evil. With the RACEWHOOP, neither is to be feared with a 20x20mm footprint, and a 1.7g weight.

1S 3.7V - 2S 7.4V - Pick Your Poison.
Ah, options. When it comes to power, Furious offers you the choice to choose your power output, providing two perfect options for the ultimate in power & speed.

Flexible ESC Protocol - Multiple Choice Perfected.
From OneShot, MultiShot & DShot options, Furious FPV keeps the options open and allows you to choose the ESC protocol that works for you.

Heavy Duty 1.5A BEC & 15A PDB - Bringing the Power To You.
With a 1.5A BEC at 5V of output power, this ultra compact FC brings the flexibility you need with the power you want. Augment this with a 15A PDB, and the RACEWHOOP will handle it all.

Gold Plated Connectivity Pads - Nothing But the Best.
For the ultimate in pure power and signal transfer bliss, Furious keeps the love coming with gold plated pads, offering the best in connectivity.

CleanFlight & BetaFlight Ready - The Choice Is Yours.
Choose the firmware that works best for you, allowing you to tweak, tune & perfect your FPV madness. With CleanFlight & BetaFlight options, Furious makes it easy, offering two of the very best choices available.

Built In Current Sensor w/ Buzzer Port - Stay In the Know.
Keep tabs on current draw for the best flight management possible, and when things go awry, the buzzer port is ready & waiting to help you track down that little beast.

Wiring diagram (General) - Click to enlarge

Wiring diagram for Furious LR1000 Rx - Click to enlarge

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Wiring diagram for FrSky XM Rx - Click to enlarge

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