FuriousFPV MNOVA OSD-VTX board (16mm / 25~200mw)

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MNOVA VTx OSD - Nano Sized VTx Insanity. Furious FPV is mixing it up yet again, introducing a mind blowing VTx system that must be seen to be believed. This...


MNOVA VTx OSD - Nano Sized VTx Insanity.
Furious FPV is mixing it up yet again, introducing a mind blowing VTx system that must be seen to be believed. This system is densly packed with cutting edge FPV racing features - all in a postage stamp sized layout with race winning brilliance.

Enter the all new MNOVA. From 0.1mW, 25mW and 200mW power output, the MNOVA gives you all the functionality you will ever need, with a full 200mW output in an incredibly small form. Racing or freestyle, the MNOVA provides the power level needed with the adjustability you cannot live without.

Stackable with the ultra popular RaceWhoop FC, the MNOVA provides cutting edge FPV brilliance to this potent combo, allowing ease of use & integration in a no holds barred design. Add in Raceband functionality & full 72 channel 5.8GHz 9 band frequency, the MNOVA covers all the bases in pint sized form.

Featuring functionality like Pit Mode, Stealth Mode Power Up, and the ability to power up and down via Tx, the MNOVA bristles with capability, leaving no stone unturned. Further this with integrated MWOSD functions and PID tuning capability, the MNOVA is ready to rock your FPV world.

Take it to the next level and explore new worlds of FPV with the ultimate in functionality & flexibility. The MNOVA is race winning perfection in a compact form, featuring a no compromise design that leaves the competition suffering in your wake.

  • Racewhoop Stackable Ready
  • Nano 16mm x 16mm hole to hole, 20x20mm overall
  • Adjustable VTx Power Output - 0.1mw / 25mW / 200mW
  • Race Ready with 25mW Raceband Functionality
  • 0.1mW Pit Mode Ready for Worry Free Flight Line Tuning
  • Stealth Mode Power Up
  • Power On & Off VTx via Transmitter
  • Integrated MWOSD Functions
  • PID Tuning Capable
  • 72 Channel / 9 Band 5.8GHz Frequency Range
  • Select Power / Band / Channel at a Touch of a Button

FuriousFPV - True Vision First Look

FuriousFPV True Vision - Install

Racewhoop Stackable Ready - Integration Goodness.
Designed to specifically stack with the ultra popular Furious FPV Racewhoop, this pairing couldn't be more perfect, fusing (2) amazing FPV designs into a race winning powerhouse that is ready to dominate.

16mm x 16mm Nano Sized Layout - Blink and You'll Miss It.
Designed to be nano sized for maximum levels of integration, the MNOVA features an ultra light weight, ultra compact design to be made home in nearly any FPV machine on the planet.

0.1mW Pit Mode - Tuning Made Stress Free.
In close confine racing, the last thing you want is channel bleed through to foul up someone else's lap. With Pit Mode, the 0.1mW output allows up close tuning without interference, providing you with stress free tuning as you gear up for your heat.

Stealth Mode Power Up - Low Observable Brilliance.
Stay clear of the wrath of fellow racers by utilizing Stealth Mode Power up, keeping your VTx powered down with your system powered up as you gear up for your flight.

Fully Adjustable VTx Power - Race Dominance & Freestyle Fun.
Now, you don't have to choose. 25mW Raceband power output is ready & waiting for your next FPV race. But after the flags fall, boost your VTx to 200mW for some long range free ride fun.

Raceband Ready w/ 72 Channel Capability - It's All Up To You.
Raceband ready, the MNOVA features (9) band, (72) channel selection, allowing you to optimize your channel selection for ultra clear video reception. So, choose the channels you need without being locked out of the frequencies you love.

Channel & VTx Power Adjustability - Just the Way it Should be.
Utilizing CANVAS protocol, you now have full control over VTx power output and channel selection, making adjustments ultra easy and massively quick.

Integrated MWOSD Features - Open Source Brilliance.
Opening the door wide for all manners of configurations, MWOSD provides end users with immense levels of data & functions to augment their flight capability. The sky is the limit with MWOSD, allowing you to customize & update the MNOVA to your heart's desire.

  • Mnova OSD/VTX x 1pc
  • Linear Antenna x 1pc
  • Header male & female x 1pc

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