Skyzone Dual Antenna FPV Goggle V2

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It's like flying the aircraft from the cockpit - Skyzone Dual Antenna Video Goggle It's really exciting with First Person View experience, it's like watching a big TV few feet...


It's like flying the aircraft from the cockpit - Skyzone Dual Antenna Video Goggle
It's really exciting with First Person View experience, it's like watching a big TV few feet away from you in a dark room, which gives you a cock-pit like feeling.

The Skyzone Dual Antenna Video Goggle has Two 5.8Ghz Video Receiver built-in so you don't have messy cables around, compare with FPV Monitors, sometimes we prefer FPV Goggles because the it covers your eyes completely so you can get a good look on the video even in daylight, this Skyzone video goggle has a soft silicon eyecup which feels very comfortable, shape is just right which gives you a perfectly dark environment. If you don't want to put it on your head, the goggle has AV output to TV Monitor and you can use the TV monitor to see the video feeds instead.

Operation is easy, just connect the battery, select the same channel of your Video Transmitter on the drone, that's all! We also included a battery for the goggle which other shops don't!

Head Tracker Function (* for advanced players)
The Skyzone Goggle has a Gyroscope inside, that means when you move your head it will convert your head movement into RC control signal and able to send out those signal. The Goggle came with a Futaba Control Cable, connect the goggle with your Futaba RC transmitter and take control of Three servo movement. Some serious players use this function to control a 3-Axis Gimbal (not Brushless Gimbals that we see on drones now-a-days, I mean the old school Servo Based Gimbal which we don't see anymore) in the RC plane cockpit and do real FPV, for any of you like to know more, please read the Skyzone Goggle manual, this is advanced RC stuff.

This is real First Person View experience!
With a screen this close, it really feels you are flying in the aircraft.

Dual Antennas
Actually there are Two Receivers inside the goggle, A and B receiver, it can auto switch to get the best reception, and you can stay with A receiver, and press a button to see video feeds from B receiver. In short, Two receivers are better than One.

It has AV Input and Output!
That means you can use a TV monitor with AV Input to see the Video Feeds captured by the Drone's camera or you can plug a Video Player to the AV input and turn it into a personal theater.

Front Camera
Press a button and you will see through the Front Camera, so you don't need to take off your goggle all the time. (Only good for seeing, it feels kinda weird to see and grab things through the fish eye lens, eyes and hand just can't co-ordinate....)

Accepts DC 7V~28V
We recommend a 7.4V Li-Po battery for the Skyzone goggle, we give you one!

Increase the FPV Range!
The easy way is to change the antenna to a better one, we have this Flat Panel Antenna, it greatly increase the range by 200-400m. (* Flat Panel Antenna sold separately)

Specifications (Click to enlarge) :
Skyzone VideoGoggle Specification

This package includes :
1. 1 X Skyzone Video Goggle V2
2. 1 X Power Cable with JST Plug (it's thick, not very useful)
3. 1 X Head Tracker Output Cable A
4. 1 X Head Tracker Output Cable B
5. 1 X Futaba Transmitter Control Cable
6. 1 X AV Cable with RCA plugs
7. 1 X 7.4V Li-Po battery (Tape this on the goggle)
8. 1 X Charging cable for the 7.4V Li-Po battery (You need your own Li-Po charger)

Suitable for :5.8Ghz FPV System

Product Status : In-Stock

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