SRD195 BetaFlight (STORM Racing Drone)

生產商: Storm
Limited Time Offer - The SRD195 has FREE UPGRADE with Storm FX799T 200mw VTX w/ Raceband. Built for the most aggressive flying - first to use with 6mm 3K carbon...


Limited Time Offer - The SRD195 has FREE UPGRADE with Storm FX799T 200mw VTX w/ Raceband.

Built for the most aggressive flying - first to use with 6mm 3K carbon fiber "Unibody" main frame
Storm SRD195 Bind-N-Fly Edition with BeeRotor BRF3 Flight Controller (BetaFlight software)
Storm has some feedback from the professional racers that they want a powerful solid racing orientated platform for everyday flying, it has to be a heavy duty workhorse, so the engineers in Storm factory decided to try something new - why not a super thick 6mm carbon fiber plate? Meet the "Flying Bull" SRD195.

First of it's kind, the SRD195 has adopted the 6mm carbon fiber plate "Unibody" main frame, it has literally ZERO flex which makes the drone extremely rigid and it can withstand the most powerful propulsion system available today. One big advantage of such tough material that it allows you to put some new ideas on the frame design, they make the arms as narrow as possible to minimize drag, width is an amazing 13mm, this is the narrowest it can get to have a ESC put on, compare with other drones with board arms you can feel the SRD195 has faster respond in every way, narrow arms really improves aerodynamics!

The SRD195 is perfect for both LOS (Line of Sight) and FPV (First Person View) players, very easy to control, sharp and precisive handling. The True-X frame design with equidistant arms that has the best C.G. and well balanced in both pitch and roll axis, perfect center of gravity in the middle which is considered a great advantage for freestylers who do some crazy move in speed.

Utilizing the powerful Storm Updraft Cooling™ M2204-UC 2300kv motor, Storm Raptor 390 30A ESC (MultiShot compatible) and HQ 5 x 4 x 3 tri-blade propellers running on 4S battery, sit tight and experience the shockingly high speed from the monstrous power system. The Foxeer 700TVL CMOS camera combined with the Storm FX799T 200mw VTX w/ Raceband and an omni-directional Mushroom Antenna, you’ll be able to see wherever your Storm SRD195 flies, up close and personal.

Storm SRD195 frame Features
  • Super strong 6mm 3K carbon fiber unibody main frame, it's the FIRST of it's kind!
  • Minimize drag with the super narrow 13mm arms, greatly increase handling and responsiveness
  • TRUE-X design with equidistant arms : Reaching the best C.G. for both Pitch and Roll axis
  • Built for most aggressive flying, able to withstand the most powerful propulsion system available
  • Very compact design for 5" propellers, nothing unnecessary on the aircraft
  • Able to carry an ActionCam (e.g., GoPro 4, Mobius, GoPro Session) on top

6mm 3K carbon fiber plate "Unibody" main frame

Minimize drag with super narrow 13mm arms

Symmetrical and equidistant arms design - increasing handling on high speed roll and flips

Very compact size to handle the powerful 5" propellers

Maximum speed and control with the SRD195

Compact and powerful propulsion system, you can perform aerobatic trick with ease.

The Storm SRD195 includes our exclusive optimized BetaFlight Parameters!
Pre-loaded with three flight modes and three speeds.

The Angle Mode is auto-leveled making is a no-stress flying experience for the complete beginner or for flight training.

In Horizon Mode the drone is no longer limited by angle, allowing you to do flip and roll, auto-leveling directly after performing the trick.

In Rate Mode, the drone will fly like an airplane with no auto-leveling or angle limitation, making it great for flying around in large spaces.

These flight modes are completely unique to the SRD195 – there is nothing else like it on the market.

Immense Power Plant
The All New Storm M2204 2300kv Updraft CoolingTM Motor dissipates heat much faster than ordinary motors, hence it can handle one grade higher in propellers than the one without Updraft CoolingTM, this is a very effective way to boost the thrust without adding extra weight. Working with the HQ 5 x 3 x 4 tri-blade propeller, they give you tremendous of thrust and a great power-to-weight ratio, very fast punch-out and super high speed flying.

Storm Raptor 390 30A ESC, utilizing BLHeli firmware compatible with OneShot, MultiShot and Active Braking (aka. Damped Light)
Continuous 30A and Burst at 40A output, works great with 220X motors.

Comes complete with the Foxeer CMOS camera
The Foxeer camera ensures great image quality during transitions from bright to dark spaces. The tilt angle is fully adjustable, so that you can be assured of great video from any of the flight styles you choose.

Storm FX799T 200mw Video Transmitter w/ Raceband, it's more user-friendly in the field

Built-in OSD module on the BRF3 Flight Controller which includes Battery Current, this is useful!

Rear LED shows the aircraft’s status.

Installed with a remote controlled battery-warning buzzer!
A remote controlled battery-warning buzzer comes already installed in the drone. This buzzer will alert you when the low voltage threshold (adjustable) has been reached. You can also trigger the buzzer using a switch on the transmitter to help locate the aircraft if you happen to land in tall grass.

A big reason for upgrading FrSky radio set (* optional)
You'll get telemetry data on the FrSky transmitter screen such as Battery voltage, Current drainage, Radio signal... etc, and it'll voice alert you for low battery and radio signal.

Storm SRD195 (w/ BeeRotor BRF3 Flight Controller) Specifications :
  • Weight : 357g (without battery)
  • All-up-weight : 514g (with 14.8V 1300mah 35C battery)
  • Dimension : 175mm (L) x 175mm (W) x 83mm (H) (without battery)
  • Flight Controller : BeeRotor BRF3 w/ built-in OSD module (running BetaFlight software w/ Storm tuned parameters)
  • Power Distribution Board : BeeRotor PDB V2.0
  • FPV system : Storm FX799T 200mw VTX w/ Raceband
  • Camera : Foxeer 90° 700TVL CMOS (PAL)

This package includes :
1. Fully Assembled SRD195 (w/ BetaFlight) and FPV System (Camera and Transmitter)
2. 6pcs Clockwise HQ 5 x 4 x 3 tri-blade Propeller (4 of them are spare)
3. 6pcs Counter-Clockwise HQ 5 x 4 x 3R tri-blade Pusher Propeller (4 of them are spare)
4. Additional GoPro 65° carbon fiber mount (stock is 45°)’s Quality Control checks, tests and calibrates every single helicopter before shipping!
Do you know how important that is? It is essential!
Many online drone sellers don’t check or calibrate their products at all, as it requires experienced RC pilots and is time consuming. The team checks and calibrates every aircraft, battery and battery charger to ensure that everything is in great condition before it is shipped to you!

Suitable for :

The SRD195 is the answer for the professional FPV racers, to withstand the most aggressive flight style, super thick Unibody main frame and powerful propulsion system, it is truly one of a kind on the market. You can use the drone for FPV (First Person View), LOS (Line of Sight), casual flying or intensive racing competitions. The aircraft comes ready out of the box for some serious competition winning. The SRD195 will not let you down!

Helipal Advice...
* This BNF drone has no batteries and charger included, you'll need your own battery, charger and RadioLink AT9 Transmitter to fly. Besides, no battery means lower shipping cost and easier shipping.

* We recommend you get a lot of spare propellers, in case of collisions.

* Get some extra batteries, as each pack gives you about 6-7 minutes of flight time. In our experience, you will want at least 5-6 packs for each race day. We also highly recommend using a battery charger on-site for non-stop flying.

* Remember: the lighter the drone, the better the handling. By using a lighter battery for this drone, you will get a more nimble flight performance. Trust us here; you’ll really appreciate the difference.

We highly recommend the Lowepro DroneGuard for the SRD195, great protection and it looks super cool! (* sold separately)

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