SRD370 NAZA Lite (STORM Racing Drone GPS)

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A Racing Drone with GPS system installed - just like having a Co-Pilot beside you! Presenting the super stable Storm Racing Drone SRD370 GPS w/ NAZA Lite - Bind and...


A Racing Drone with GPS system installed - just like having a Co-Pilot beside you!
Presenting the super stable Storm Racing Drone SRD370 GPS w/ NAZA Lite - Bind and Fly Edition

The Storm Racing Drone is an excellent flyer, the superb handling and immense power is really impressive, but flying such a fast drone could be a challenge, is there a way to let more people enjoy the FPV racing experience? Yes, let's swap the flight controller with the DJI NAZA Lite GPS system, like putting a Co-Pilot beside you which corrects your mistake and having the drone in control all the time, giving you a No Stress flying experience, flying has never been easier. What if you have the drone flown too far? Don't worry, trigger Fail-Safe and the drone will come back to you, how's that for safety? The NAZA Lite GPS System is commonly used for aerial filming platform, it's famous in stability and reliability, from hobby grade to business grade, many users have chosen NAZA Lite for the job.

Which to choose? Racing Drone with NAZA Lite or NAZA V2 system?
Both have GPS receiver, both works really well on the Storm Racing Drone. NAZA V2  is designed for High End users, the stability is off the scale, extremely solid in all conditions, for the NAZA Lite is like 85% of NAZA V2, that's not bad at all (make no mistake, the NAZA Lite is a great flight controller). The biggest difference is Expendability, NAZA Lite cannot work with other DJI gadget, like the iPad Ground Station, the DJI Zenmuse Gimbal and the DJI iOSD module, that's why NAZA V2 cost more, so you may say "I don't need those on a racing drone", yes, but if you want to put the NAZA system on other drones in the future, you may want to think about which system to choice at this moment.

Comparison Chart of NAZA Lite and NAZA V2
Flight Controller System DJI NAZA-M Lite DJI NAZA-M V2
GPS Controlled Yes Yes
Work with 4~6 Rotor Drones 4~8 Rotor Drones
Aim for Entry Level to Hobbyist
the "Economy Class"
Hobbyist to Commercial Use
the "Business Class"
Work with DJI iOSD? No Yes
Work with DJI Gimbal? No Yes
Work with DJI Ground Station? No Yes
Support FPV System? Yes Yes

SRD370 GPS w/ NAZA Lite Features

  • 370 class is a bit bigger than 250 racing drones, and the bigger the drone, the more stable it is
  • Carbon Fiber Airframe, very light weight and very durable
  • Using 8" propeller, able to carry heavier payload
  • Very good efficiency combination on propeller and motor, they give you much longer fligt time than other racing drone (20 minutes)
  • GPS system gives you stress free flight experience, it handle all the difficult part and you just fly the drone like playing video game
  • Hands off the RC controller and it will auto hover in the same place with Pin-Point accuracy, only GPS system can do that
  • 400mw Video Transmitter and 90° Camera installed for good range video transmission
  • Front and Rear LED Lights
  • Built-in remote triggering buzzer for lost-n-found
  • Built-in low battery warning buzzer
  • Well built by Storm Factory, every drone is tested before shipping

Beginner's Choice - enjoy No Stress Flying Experience

NAZA Lite GPSsystem further increase the stability and accuracy, especially in Altitude Hold, DJI has it's own secret recipe in this area, you don't need to adjust throttle stick all the time like other flight controllers and the drone will stay at the same height. Advanced GPS algorithms allows pin-point hovering when it has good GPS reception, you can hands off the RC controller and it stays there.

Flip a switch to select Flight Mode from GPS to Altitude hold or Manual Mode
For causal flying stay with GPS or ATTi Mode, for more excitement, try the Manual mode.

* Please make sure NAZA LED Status is showing good GPS reception before you switch to Manual mode.

Installed with Storm 4S Power Pack

Base on the SRD250 racing drone platform, but upgraded the power system to take 4S voltage (14.8V), when using 3S power it is very fast already, with 4S power it becomes a bullet which is frighteningly fast. But luckily the Mini CC3D Flight Controller does the job very well, you always have it in control, so if you get bored by the normal racing drone, try this little chili!

Optimized Propulsion System for SRD370
Storm has tested for a long time to find the best combinatino for the SRD370, it's well balanced between Performance and Flight time.

Change the LED color with switches anywhere in seconds.

Great news for beginners - Racing easier with GPS System

Navigate the drone through Video Feeds only
We have doubts before, but turns out it worked brilliantl. (* FPV monitor sold separately)

Storm OSD Module for NAZA Lite Installed!
OSD means On Screen Display module, it will overlay flight data on the video feeds, telling you the battery voltage, home direction and more, very useful device, and best part is we have it installed for you!

Installed with Battery Warning Buzzer, and it's Remote Controlled!
The buzzer will alert you when low battery (adjustable voltage), and you can trigger it with a switch on the transmitter, it helps a lot when you crash the drone in high grass.

SRD370 GPS w/ NAZA Lite Specifications :
  • Weight : 736g (without battery)
  • All-up-weight : 1142 (with 14.8V 4000mah 30C battery)
  • Dimension : 325mm x 283mm x 72mm
  • FPV system : Skyzone TS58400 5.8Ghz 400mw w/ R Band Video Transmitter (Default 5665 mhz)
  • Camera : 700TVL CMOS PAL, 90° viewing angle
  • Largest battery supported : 130mm(l) x 42mm (w) x 33mm (h)
  • Flight time : With stock 14.8V 4000mah 30C battery about 18~19 minutes, no wind condition

Storm SRD370 GPS w/ NAZA Lite - The Record Breaking Speed Drone

This package includes :
1. Fully Assembled Storm SRD370 GPS w/ NAZA Lite and FPV System (Camera and Transmitter)
2. 6pcs Clockwise 8045C Carbon-filled Nylon Propeller (4 of them are spare parts)
3. 6pcs Counter-Clockwise 8045C Carbon-filled Nylon (4 of them are spare parts) Checks and Calibrates Every Single Helicopter Before Shipping!
Do you know how important is it? Trust me, it is VERY IMPORTANT!
Many online sellers don't check and calibrate their products at all because it requires experienced rc pilots and it is very time consuming as well. team checks & calibrates every helicopters, Battery and Battery Charger to ensure everything is in good condition!

Suitable for :

The SRD370 GPS is made for beginners, it can Auto Hover and Auto Return Home, installed with FPV system which allows you to fly it bas on the video alone, if you have experience on RC before, you can handle it (must read the manual before you fly it). We recommend you fly it in open space and get used with the control first, after sometime you can fly in tight space, it's a lot of fun to fly this little bird by looking at the FPV monitor.
Helipal Advice...
* This is the Bind and Fly edition, you need to have your own Transmitter to fly this. You can choose to install which Receiver to bind with your Transmitter.

* This Bind and Fly edition has no batteries included, you'll need your own battery to fly. Besides, no battery means lower shipping cost and easier shipping.

* For how to bind with your transmitter, please see the Video and "Binding Steps" manual below.

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