STEALTH Adjustable 25-600mW VTX with Aluminum Case

生產商: FuriousFPV
Furious Stealth VTX - Welcome to the Future of FPV Nothing short of ground breaking, Furious FPV debuts one of the most sophisticated and flexible VTx systems on the market...


Furious Stealth VTX - Welcome to the Future of FPV
Nothing short of ground breaking, Furious FPV debuts one of the most sophisticated and flexible VTx systems on the market today, providing an all in one solution that is the pinnacle of FPV perfection.

Incorporating a beautiful and massively functional OLED display, the Stealth VTX brings forth the ultimate simplicity when it comes to the program and setup of your VTx. Never again fumble, fret or guess your way through setup. With the Stealth VTX OLED display, the high resolution layout provides crystal clear info that locks you in - simple, fast and effective.

Designed for the FPV racer in mind, the Stealth VTX features Stealth-Select channel selection, allowing full channel adjustment with zero mW output. With this feature engaged, you no longer need to worry about race interruption - allowing off track setup and adjustment with zero interference.

Fully adjustable with 25mW, 200mW, 400mW and 600mW of power, the Stealth VTX screams FPV flexibility with 25mW race legal output for both Europe and indoor flight. Ready for some serious range? No problem - 200mW & 600mW power output awaits, allowing instantaneous adjustability for maximum levels of FPV range.

Temperature issues? Not a chance. The machined CNC aluminum casing of the Stealth VTX provides excellent levels of thermal dissipation at any mW setting while further optimizing video clarity with built in RF shielding. Unlike competitors that utilize low quality folded aluminum housings, the Stealth VTX pushes the boundaries of FPV design with CNC quality that performs.

The ultimate FPV VTx is ready and waiting for your bird of prey. Take hold of the very best in FPV - the no compromise setup that is ready to dominate.


  • Massively Adjustable mWOutput
    Pick your poison. With (4) power output selection of 25mW, 200mW, 400mW and 600mW, the Furious Stealth VTX offers the perfect output for race ready madness or long range free flight - all with instantaneous ease.
  • Ultra Clear OLED Display
    Guesswork be gone. With a gorgeous high resolution OLED display, you no longer need to suffer through adjustments& setup. Simple, easy and perfectly brilliant, with theStealth VTX, everything else seems archaic.
  • Multi Level Management
    Information awaits. With the OLED display system, channel frequency and battery voltage are clearly displayed, allowing easy access to vital information that counts.
  • Stealth-Select Channel Selection
    Because causing a crash just isn't cool. Save yourself from the wrath of fellow racers by utilizing the built in Stealth-Select feature. Easy and intuitive, Stealth-Select allows the VTx to be powered on without transmitting power, keeping other racers in the air without interference.
  • Ultra Cool Aluminum Heat Sink
    Keep your cool under any power. Utilizing an aluminum cased CNC housing for the ultimate in thermal dissipation, thermal issues will never end your day, no matter what mW you select.
  • RF Shielding via Precision CNC Machining
    See no evil. With built in RF shielding that has been optimized viaa high quality CNC aluminum case, the Furious Stealth VTX takes the next step in FPV precision with perfection in design.
  • Raceband Ready
    Hasta la Vista, interference. With built in race band functionality, video jamming is a thing of the past, allowing multiple racers to fly without interference by utilizing 37MHz of separation for good, clean FPV fun.
  • 7cm Antenna Ease
    Ultra flexible mounting awaits. With a 7cm pigtail, the Furious Stealth VTX provides multiple mounting options for any aircraft available. Flexible and perfect in length, antenna mounting is simple and straight forward - just the way it should be.

Pinout of cable
  1. GND (Blue)
  2. +5V output(Green)
  3. Video (Yellow)
  4. 2-6S (Red)
  5. GND (Black)

  • Connector : SMA-Female
  • Weight : 20g with aluminum case, 12.9g without case.
  • Dimension : L40.5mm x W21.5mm x H12.3mm (selection button protrudes 1.2mm above this)
  • Max power draw : 600mw power draw = 0.3a @ 16.7v (4s pack full). Note amperage will rise at lower voltage input.

Product Status : In-Stock

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