STORM Racing Drone (Bumper-2 / Storm Spec)

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Free Upgrade to KingKong 1105-4000kv brushless motors & RunCam Micro Swift 3 CameraSafe and durable micro class 2" FPV race drone for both indoor and outdoor, now upgraded with RunCam Micro Swift...


Free Upgrade to KingKong 1105-4000kv brushless motors & RunCam Micro Swift 3 Camera

Safe and durable micro class 2" FPV race drone for both indoor and outdoor, now upgraded with RunCam Micro Swift 3 V2
Meet the Storm Bumper-2 Storm Spec
The 3" Storm Owl is a huge success, it's the perfect FPV all-rounder for everyone, from the first time beginners to the experienced RC enthusiasts, it's almost crash-proof design keeps the fun going. Would it be nice to have a micro version for indoor or park flying? Meet the Storm Bumper 2 - a 2" micro class all-rounder with prop guard, it has the propeller and equipment protected inside the 1.5mm + 1.5mm carbon fiber box-shaped frame, when the drone hit an obstacles it just bounce back like a RC car on the floor, it gives you pure enjoyment without the downtime for replacing propellers and repairing which we LOVE so much, we crashed it countless time in our office and it requires no maintenance, when it crash, just flip it over and fly again! It's micro size also makes it great to fly around tiny space(e.g. your house, office, park, gymnasium.... etc.) without the worry of breaking something, it gives you pure enjoyment.

The Bumper-2 airframe is specially designed to use with RunCam Micro Swift 3 V2, which is the Smallest FPV camera that use 1/3" CCD sensor, this is a great news for all micro class players, no more blurry and dull image like you'll have on other micro class, we are talking about the best video you can get from big 5" FPV race drone, you'll have the same good quality video on this tiny drone, excellent dynamic range with vibrant color, bright image and super fast, automatic exposure control, once you've seen the video from this CCD camera, you will never go back with the old one.

Compatible with both 3S or 4S LiPo delivering different flight experience, expect nothing less from Storm Racing Drones, preloaded with the exclusive expert-tuned BetaFlight parameters on the F4 FC. 98mm (2" propeller) main frame, installed with the same gadgets you can find on the big drone, such as F4 Flight Controller1105-4000kv brushless motor, 4-in-1 BLHeli_S ESCRunCam Micro Swift 3 V2 CCD cameraStorm FX808 200mw VTX and LED light which makes it perfect for both LOS (Line of Sight) and FPV (First Person View) players, very easy to control, sharp and precise handling. Compact frame design has the best C.G. and well balanced in both pitch and roll axis, perfect center of gravity in the middle which is considered a great advantage for freestylers who do some crazy move in speed.

Bumper-2 frame features :
  • Micro class (98mm) with 2" prop
  • Designed to use with RumCam Micro Swift
  • Durable box-shape - when it hit something it just bounce back and keep flying, if it crashed, just flip it over and fly again, without the downtime for replacing propellers and repairing
  • Excellent handling, very agile and smooth control
  • Fly with 3S LiPo, excellent flight experience
  • Under 250 g, it does not require UAS registration to fly (necessary for pilots in the US)
  • 1.5mm + 1.5mm carbon fiber box-shape frame makes it very durable!
  • Super light setup, all-up-weight 89 g only (no battery)
FPV anywhere
A micro class FPV race drone with the whole package, so compact and light weight that you can fly it anywhere without the worry of breaking things or hurting anyone, enjoy this exciting hobby the easy way.

Installed with RunCam Micro Swift 3 V2
The Micro Swift has the same 1/3" CCD sensor just like the big RunCam, it also has WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) which is a great advantage over the micro FPV cams, enjoy brighter and more contrast image like you'll get from 5" FPV race drone.

User friendly 2" micro class
The size is great for both indoor and outdoor, as well as the Micro Swift camera, works great in both bright and dark environment.

Bounce back from obstacles
The box shape design makes it difficult to crash, we've tested it in the warehouse for weeks and seldom have broken parts, not even a broken propeller.

Super strong main frame
Storm has chosen the 3mm 3K carbon fiber plate for the Loki-X2 unibody main frame to offer maximum durability.

Crashed, pick it up and fly again
We like this Bumper-2 because it keeps the fun going, when you crash, flip it over and fly again, a good design RC toys should be like this. =)
3S or 4S LiPo for different performance
3S gives you more relax and causal flight, while 4S gives you the most aggressive flying.
* Use 4S on your own risk, very hot!

Lightweight is king
1105-4000kv motor and 2035 4-blade propellers are a great combination on this box shape Bumper-2 frame, very responsive handling, it's a serious performance FPV racer.
Don't have time to build one?
We build it for you!

We have years of experience in this field and learned a lot of know-how on how to build a good FPV racer, we care about details and expect nothing less from our RTF or BNF aircraft, we also provide different spec built for different experience, each drone is built and tested by Storm factory guys to ensure you'll get a truly world class, out-of-box ready to fly FPV racer. Preloaded with Storm tuned 3 Flight mode + 3 Speed mode, everyone can enjoy, from beginners to experts.

World class FPV racer, ready to fly!
In a hurry to get into the air? We build it for you.
* RC transmitter and receiver are optional.

The Storm Bumper-2 includes our exclusive BetaFlight Parameters!
Pr-loaded with three flight modes and three speeds.

The Angle Mode is auto-leveled making is a no-stress flying experience for the complete beginner or for flight training.

In Horizon Mode the drone is no longer limited by angle, allowing you to do flip and roll, auto-leveling directly after performing the trick.

In Rate Mode, the drone will fly like an airplane with no auto-leveling or angle limitation, making it great for flying around in large spaces.

These flight modes are completely unique to the Bumper-2 – there is nothing else like it on the market.

No compromise!
The Bumper-2 Storm Spec has the most high-end components on-board, this is surely one of the finest FPV race drone you can get today.
Bumper-2 Storm Spec Features
  • RunCam Micro Swift 3 V2 CCD camera, the smallest and lightest camera with 1/3" CCD sensor like you'll have on 5" FPV racer drones, excellent video for both daylight and low-light environment
  • Built-in BetaFlight OSD tells you the battery voltage on the video feeds, you can configure the OSD options thru BetaFlight configurator directly, it's very easy
  • FX808 200mw video transmitter with 5.8Ghz linear antenna for best video transmission
  • 1105 4000kv brushless motor gives you long flight time and well balanced speed and handling
  • Fly with both 3S or 4S LiPo to get different flight experience
  • Powerful Gemfan 2035 4-blade propellers
  • F4 FC with BetaFlight + 4-in-1 BLHeli_S ESC gives you extremely good stability and flight performance
Loki-X2 Storm Spec Components

Lot's of nice touch, expert nothing less from Strom Racing Drones

Built-in BetaFlight OSD
The OSD tells you main battery voltage, critcal for FPV flying

Installed with a remote controlled battery-warning buzzer!
A remote controlled battery-warning buzzer comes already installed in the drone. This buzzer will alert you when the low voltage threshold (adjustable) has been reached. You can also trigger the buzzer using a switch on the transmitter to help locate the aircraft if you happen to land in tall grass.

Battery and Flight Time Reference (* for reference only)
Cell mAh Discharge Weight Normal Flying Flight Time
3S 350mAH 35C 28.2 g 4:00 ~ 4:30
3S 400mAH 50C 31.1 g 4:00 ~ 4:30
4S (VERY HOT, use on your own risk) 350mAH 35C 36.8 g 4:00 ~ 4:30
4S (VERY HOT, use on your own risk) 400mAH 50C 44.7 g 4:00 ~ 4:30

Storm Bumper-2 Storm Spec Specifications :
  • Ariframe weight : 26.5g
  • All-up-weight : 89g (without battery)
  • Dimension : 118mm (L) x 139mm (W) x 24mm (H) (without battery)
  • Motor to motor : 98mm
  • Propeller : Gemfan 2035 4-blade propeller
  • Recommend battery : 3S 350mah to 4S 400mah (* sold separately)
  • RC transmitter : optional
  • RC receiver : optional

This package includes :
1. Fully Assembled Bumper-2 Storm Spec
2. 6pcs Clockwise Gemfan 2035 4-blade Propeller (4 of them are spare)
3. 6pcs Counter-Clockwise Gemfan 2035 4-blade Pusher Propeller (4 of them are spare)
4. Battery mat
5. LiPo rubber band
6. 1.5mm Hex wrench (for changing propellers)ging propellers)

* RC Transmitter sold separately
* Battery sold separately
* Charger sold separately

Helipal Advice...
* This BNF drone has no batteries and charger included, you'll need your own battery, charger and RC transmitter to fly.

* Receiver is optional, the default receiver is a RadioLink R9D which is compatible for RadioLink AT9 / AT9S transmitter. You can choose to upgrade to a FrSky receiver.

* If you wish to further develop in this hobby, we recommend you purchase the FrSky Taranis X9D Plus RC transmitter, it gives you better compatibility in the future.

* We recommend you get a lot of spare propellers.

* Get some extra batteries

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