STORM Racing Drone (DIY Kit / Loki-X2)

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Enjoy building a racing drone of your own, we've included all the parts you need to built a working drone, including frame, electronics and all the small accessories such as...


Enjoy building a racing drone of your own, we've included all the parts you need to built a working drone, including frame, electronics and all the small accessories such as cables, screws, tapes, etc.

video by Gondi Race

video by K-TintZ

video by Raul Lega

video by Jerry1212

Plesase pick a spec

Option 1 : Storm Spec

There will be no compromise on the Storm Spec, using only the best material, all the components are ready-to-race grade, in fact, every piece are exactly the same that Storm Factory racer is using, expect nothing less from the expert built.

Loki-X2 Storm Spec Features
  • Great for everyone, it's an all-rounder for all occasions, for racing and causal flying
  • Price–performance ratio is off-the-chart, no compromise on components
  • Tested to have extra long 7 minutes of quality flight time (* tested with Storm 3S 350mah 35C LiPo)
  • 4000kv brushless motor for 3S LiPo battery, you'll get long flight time and extremely well balanced speed and handling.
  • F4 FC with BetaFlight + 4-in-1 BLHeli_S ESC gives you extremely good stability and flight performance
Storm Spec build kit includes

Wiring diagram (Click to enlarge)

Option 2 : Race Spec

For those who wants the absolute best, the well engineered Storm plaltform meets the most high end components made by the the biggest name in FPV racing, the Lumenier Spec is the best you can get up-to-date, using F4 generation Flight Controller which runs at 8K looptime (which is insanely fast!) and MultiShot ESC protocol, they are like super fast CPU for the drone. This spec support 2S or 3S LiPo for different flight style, it's a direct swap, no settings requires, just hook up the battery and you'll get very different flight character, 2S gives you smooth and relax flying, great for beginners and indoor flying, while 3S gives you very sharp handling and high speed experience, suitable for advanced pilot or outdoor flying.

Loki-X2 Lumenier Spec Features
  • It'a SUPER fast, built for high speed maneuver and aggressive flying
  • Installed with Lumenier Micro LUX F4 FC (BLUEJAYF4 structure) with latest version BetaFlight firmware, gives you a whole new level of flight performance
  • MultiShot ESC protocol for 4-in-1 BLHeli_S ESC, buttery smooth, respondsive and percise motor control
  • 7500kv brushless motors, enjoy the unparalleled power on such small drone
  • Fly with both 2S or 3S LiPo to get different flight experience
  • Long flight time among micro class
Lumenier Spec build kit includes
* Note that Lumenier Micro LUX F4 flight controller does not have Low Battery warning, please configure your RC transmitter with a timer for each battery

Connection Diagram (Click to Enlarge)

Storm Loki-X2 Frame Specifications
  • Motor to motor : 88mm
  • Main frame : 3mm
  • Top frame : 1.5mm
  • Carbon weight : 1g
  • Motor : Support 1104 to 1106 brushless motor
  • FC mounting : Support 20mm x 20mm
  • Propeller : Support 2" propeller
  • Dimension : 74mm (L) x 90mm (W) x 33mm (H)
  • Recommend battery : 2S 350mah, 3S 250mah~400mah (* sold separately)
Frame set includes the following

Includes accessories to build the drone

Includes 12pcs 2035BN propellers (6xCW + 6xCCw)
(* optional color)

Using this build kit you can build the same Storm Loki-X2 that looks like this (* for reference only)

Vibration stack look like this, DO NOT over-tighten the lock nuts, leave the FC suspending in the o-rings

Here are some photos on how we build the Storm Loki-X16 (* very similar with Loki-X2), they may give you some ideas on how to build your own.
Storm Spec

Race Spec

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