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Meet the Extra Looooooong flight time all-rounder 4" FPV Racer - Storm Loki-X4 Mini Ready to Fly Edition The most common question we've heard from FPV starters is about flight...



Meet the Extra Looooooong flight time all-rounder 4" FPV Racer - Storm Loki-X4 Mini Ready to Fly Edition
The most common question we've heard from FPV starters is about flight time, which for common FPV race drone, each flight is usually about 5~6 minutes, the smaller the drone, the shorter you'll have dues to the battery weight and size limitation. However, at Storm we always come up with a solution.

Storm has the know-how of squeezing extra flight time on a FPV racer, such as the SRD250 V4 is a unique FPV drone which gives you 18 minutes flight time and that's astonishing for a 6" drone. How about something smaller? Mixed with the right ingredient, meet the the Loki-X4 Mini - a super lightweight 4" propeller all-rounder FPV racer that also gives you 18 minutes of flight time.

Good news about the Loki-X4 Mini is that it takes both 3S or 4S LiPo, it's a direct swap, no settings requires, just hook up the battery and you'll get very different flight character, 3S gives you smooth and relax flying, great for beginners or causal flying, while 4S gives you sharper control and more responsive handling, suitable for advanced pilot, meanwhile you'll still get a very long flight time, specially tuned flight controller parameters made by Storm Racing Team which built the flagship Loki-X5 and Loki-S5, expect nothing less for flight performance. Another good thing about the Loki-X4 Mini is the lightweight airframe, this is all that matters for something that flies, the all-up-weight is just 118 g (without battery), which is amazing for a 4" FPV race drone, and because of this super lightweight setup, the Loki-X4 Mini is durable as well, the specially made 3mm carbon fiber chassis provides extra durability.

Motor to motor 158mm for 4" propellers, it has all the gadgets you can find on other Loki series, such as F3 Flight Controller, 4-in-1 ESC, highly efficient 1306 brushless motor, high quality 100° FPV camera, FuriousFPV Innova 5.8Ghz Switchable 25mw / 200mw VTX, warning buzzer and LED light which makes it perfect for both LOS (Line of Sight) and FPV (First Person View) players. Compact frame design has the best C.G. and well balanced in both pitch and roll axis, perfect center of gravity in the middle which is considered a great advantage for freestylers who do some crazy move in speed.

Loki-X4 Mini frame features :
  • Versatile 4" propeller 160 class frame, great for all level from beginner to expert
  • Specially made for 20mm standard FC and 4-in1 ESC
  • Super narrow 9mm arms to minimize drag
  • Airframe weights 24g only, incredible for a 4" drone
  • Compatible with 13XX~14XX brushless motors
  • Made with high quality imported Japanese Carbon Fiber
  • 7075 Aluminum screws
  • High-grip aluminum pillars
  • With Storm Spec built it gives you 18 minutes of quality flight time (Storm M1306-2100kv motor + Gemfan 4045 Propellers + 3S 1000mah LiPo)
Extra flight time
With Storm spec you’ll get an impressive 18 minutes * of quality flight time, Storm tried lots of combination on propeller pitch and different kv brushless motor and finally came up with the best long-runner combination, besides it’s not just a long- runner, it’s a SUPER fast runner as well!
* tested with Storm 11.1V 1000mah battery indoor flying, result may vary in different environment.

3S and 4S LiPo Ready!
Loki-X4 Mini takes both 3S and 4S LiPo battery, it’s suitable for all level players from beginners to experienced FPV pilots, you’ll get excellent handling and FPV experience.

Different character
We recommend 3S LiPo for beginners or causal flying, and when you are familiar with the handling and want to go faster, try the 4S LiPo, you'll get much sharper handling and faster speed.
Expert designed frame
Race drone frame requires lots of know-how, Storm put lots of wisdom learn from the flagship Loki-X5 and S5 and put on the Loki-X4 Mini, super narrow 9mm arms greatly reduce drag and improving aerodynamics, 3mm carbon fiber increase durability and 20mm standard mounting holes for the new generation smaller FC, motor bumper to increase durability.
Highly efficient propulsion
One thing you'll notice on the Loki-X4 Mini - it's super quiet! The motors and propellers are specially picked for this frame for best efficiency, they have reached a good balance between flight time and speed flying.
Lightweight is King!
The design team has one thing in mind - to keep it as light as possible, that's what makes the Loki-X4 Mini fly so long and great handling.

Don't have time to build one?
We build it for you!

We have years of experience in this field and learned a lot of know-how on how to build a good FPV racer, we care about details and expect nothing less from our RTF or BNF aircraft, we also provide different spec built for different experience, each drone is built and tested by Storm factory guys to ensure you'll get a truly world class, out-of-box ready to fly FPV racer. Preloaded with Storm tuned 3 Flight mode + 3 Speed mode, everyone can enjoy, from beginners to experts.

Storm Spec

There will be no compromise on the Storm Spec, using only the best material, all the components are ready-to-race grade, in fact, every piece are exactly the same that Storm Factory racer is using, expect nothing less from the expert built.

Loki-X4 Mini Storm Spec Features
  • Highly efficient motor and propellers combination gives you 18 minutes flight time (tested with optional 3S 1000mah battery in controlled environment)
  • Fly with both 3S or 4S LiPo to get different flight experience
  • 4" propellers is a versatile choice, you can do some causal flying or go really fast if you want to
  • 1306 2100kv brushless motor gives you long flight time and extremely well balanced speed and handling
  • FuriousFPV Innova V2 Switchable 25mw / 200mw VTX + built-in OSD tells you battery's voltage and flight data
  • F3 FC with BetaFlight + 4-in-1 BLHeli_S ESC gives you extremely good stability and flight performance
Loki-X4 Mini Storm Spec Components

High quality components, expert nothing less from Strom Racing Drones

The Storm Loki-X4 Mini includes our exclusive BetaFlight Parameters!
Pr-loaded with three flight modes and three speeds.

The Angle Mode is auto-leveled making is a no-stress flying experience for the complete beginner or for flight training.

In Horizon Mode the drone is no longer limited by angle, allowing you to do flip and roll, auto-leveling directly after performing the trick.

In Rate Mode, the drone will fly like an airplane with no auto-leveling or angle limitation, making it great for flying around in large spaces.

These flight modes are completely unique to the Loki-X4 Mini – there is nothing else like it on the market.

Designed by players for players, pure FPV excitement with the Loki-X4 Mini

Built-in OSD module on the Flight Controller

Installed with a remote controlled battery-warning buzzer!
A remote controlled battery-warning buzzer comes already installed in the drone. This buzzer will alert you when the low voltage threshold (adjustable) has been reached. You can also trigger the buzzer using a switch on the transmitter to help locate the aircraft if you happen to land in tall grass.

Storm Spec Battery and Flight Time Reference (* tested with indoor hovering)
Cell mAh Discharge Weight Flight Time
3S 400mAH 50C 34.1 g 8:00
3S 1000mAH 35C 83.6 g 18:00
4S 600mAH 35C 64.7 g 11:56

Storm Loki-X4 Mini Specifications :
  • Airframe weight : 24g
  • Weight : 117.8g (without battery)
  • Dimension : 130mm (L) x 155mm (W) x 33mm (H) (without battery)
  • Motor to motor : 158mm
  • Propeller : Gemfan 4045 ABS propeller
  • Recommend battery : Support 3S~4S 600mah~1000mah LiPo battery

This package includes :
1. Fully Assembled Loki-X4 Mini
2. RadioLink AT9 Radio System
3. 3 packs (4pcs each pack) Clockwise Gemfan 4045 ABS propeller
4. 3 packs (4pcs each pack) Counter-Clockwise Gemfan 4045 ABS propeller
5. Battery mat
6. LiPo rubber band
7. Locknut wrench (for changing propellers)

* Battery sold separately
* Charger sold separately

Helipal Advice...
* If you wish to further develop in this hobby, we recommend you upgrade the Radio System to FrSky Taranis X9D Plus radio set with your purchase, it gives you better compatibility in the future.

* Recommend 3S 1000mah 35C LiPo and 4S 600mah 35C LiPo, they are great value battery for the Loki-X4 Mini, long flight time and powerful flight.

* Get some spare propellers and extra batteries

* Remember this, the lighter the drone the better the handling. By using a lighter battery for this drone you will get more nimble flight performance. You will really appreciate the difference.

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