STORM Racing Drone (Sirio-X2 + Canopy / Storm Spec)

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The Ultimate 2" Micro Class FPV quad that has Full-spec components like you can find on 5" racers Meet the Storm SIRIO-X2 + Canopy Storm Spec Edition The Storm Sirio...



The Ultimate 2" Micro Class FPV quad that has Full-spec components like you can find on 5" racers
Meet the Storm SIRIO-X2 + Canopy Storm Spec Edition
The Storm Sirio series is a lightweight airframe that specially designed to use with Runcam Micro Swift, which is the Smallest FPV camera that use 1/3" CCD sensor, this is a great news for all micro class players, no more blurry and dull image like you'll have on other micro class, we are talking about the best video you can get from big 5" FPV race drone, you'll have the same good quality video on this tiny drone, excellent dynamic range with vibrant color, bright image and super fast, automatic exposure control, once you've seen the video from this CCD camera, you will never go back with the old one.

Micro class FPV racing is popular everywhere, it's obvious that micro class has lots of advantage, everyone can enjoy it anywhere, anytime, and less stress of flying it. The Sirio-X2 is a True-X design with equidistant arms, very nimble, agile little drone that flies super fast and with excellent maneuverability, compatible with both 2S or 3S LiPo to meet different race requirement. Expect nothing less from Storm Racing Drones, preloaded with the exclusive Storm Expert-tuned BetaFlight parameters on the F4 FC, you can enjoy the same exciting FPV experience like the 5" flag-ship race quad - Loki-X5. It's very durable as well, the specially made 3mm carbon fiber chassis provides extra durability, we crashed it countless time in our warehouse and it requires no maintenance, when it crash, just flip it over and fly again!

Sirio-X2 has this small 113mm (2" propeller) main frame, installed with the same gadgets you can find on the big drone, such as F4 Flight Controller, 1105-6000kv brushless motor, 4-in-1 BLHeli_S ESC, RunCam Micro Swift CCD camera, Storm FX806T 25mw VTX, warning buzzer and LED light which makes it perfect for both LOS (Line of Sight) and FPV (First Person View) players, very easy to control, sharp and precise handling. Compact frame design has the best C.G. and well balanced in both pitch and roll axis, perfect center of gravity in the middle which is considered a great advantage for freestylers who do some crazy move in speed.

Includes colorful Soft TPU canopy + frame guards + Soft motor mats
Make your Sirio-X2 one of a kind, dress it up with this beautifully made canopy and frame guard, designed by Storm desginers, it's not just look good but very durable as well, 3D printouted with Soft TPU which feels like hard jello, and this material has lots of color option. The pack includes 1x canopy + 4x frame guard + 4x 1mm thick soft motor mount to absorb vibration.

* this is the BNF version only, RC controller sold separately

Functionality and Beauty
Good design has to have both, it looks good and it's also really durable, made of 3D printed Soft TPU material which feels like hard jello.

Excellent finishing
Designed by Storm in-house designers, this canopy has great finishing. Different from Nylon material, Soft TPU parts has elasticity.

Lightweight design
Durable parts to enhance your Sirio-X drone.

* photo with Sirio-X2 frame
Put it on Sirio-X2
This is how we do it.

Product contents are same wtih normal Sirio-X2, Click to know more

Different colors available

Optional Nylon canopy
This is a hard Nylon material, different from flexible soft TPU material.

* Optional Metallic Plastic (Alumide)

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